Janice Green bb The Crescendos (3) (Nashville, TN)


    Personnel :

    Janice Green (Lead)

    The Crescendos (3)

    George Lanius

    Kenneth Brigham

    Jim Lanius

    Jimmy Hall

    Tommy Fortner



    Discography :

    1958 - Jackie / With All my heart (Nasco 6013)

    Biography :

    In 1958 the sounds  of a sweet ballad chanting "Oh Julie" by the Crescendos pierced the airwaves of all top 40 radio stations across the country.

    Janice Green                                                         The Crescendos

    The female voice  that really added a hook to the record was Janice Green. Janice Green was dubbed "The Oh Julie Girl". Because of her unique sound, Nasco issued this single "Jackie"  and  "With All My Heart".


    Songs :

    With All my heart                           Jackie

    Cds :

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