• The Extensions

    The Extensions  (Des Moines, Iowa)

    Personnel :


    Discography :

    1963 - I Want To Know / My Need (Success 109)

    Lps :
    1963 - Only For Teenagers And Swinging Adults (Success LP 1011MX)
    I Want To Know / My Need

    The Extensions


    Biography :

    The Extensions are two sisters and a brother with another boy.The Extensions were signed with a newly founded record company Success Records. Success Records was formed by Victor Laslow and their office was on 6th ave., in Des Moines, Iowa.  In the summer of '63, the Blendtones, The Martinels, The Extensions went on a very successful tour on the West Coast.

    The Extensions  The Extensions

    Upon completion of the tour, it was suggested that an album be produced featuring all of the artists that were currently signed with the company. Hence, the album Only For Teenagers And Swinging Adults was born.

    Songs :

    I Want To Know                                     My Need




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