The Tabs (1) (Chicago)


    Personnel :

    Tommy Good (Lead)

    Eldie Sorenson (Lead)

    Skip ziesmer (Tenor)

    Joe Briggs (Bass)

    Gary Salisbury (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1958 - Will We Meet Again / Still Love You Baby (Nasco 6016)
    1959 - Avenue Of Tears / First Star (Dot 15887)


    Biography :

    Tommy Good was born and raised in the Detroit area, where Tommy Good and the Tabs were a well-known and well-liked band in the early 60'. In the early years, Tommy Good & the Tabs cut two singles for Nasco & Dot Records.


    They were playing at the Duchess Club in Detroit when Good was literally discovered by Clarence Paul, one of Motown's staffers and Stevie Wonder's manager. Paul brought Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. down to hear the band play and Gordy was impressed.


    Tommy Good later became a more known recording artist on the Motown label and it's subsidiaries.

    Songs :

    Will We Meet Again                 Still Love You Baby 

    Avenue Of Tears                          First Star        



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