•  The Gingersnaps (1)

    The Gingersnaps (1) (Sheboygan, WI)


    Personnel :

    Maryann Wimmer (Lead)

    Judith Meyer (Baritone)

    Jeanne Oehler (Bass)

    Mary Gottsacer (Tenor)


    Discography :

    1958 - Bald Headed Papa / There Is A Little Rock And Roll In Everyones Soul (Window 1115)
    1960 - Rememb'ring / A Hundred And Fifty Guys (Jupiter 305)
    1960 - Be Still My Heart / If The Shoe Fits Put It On  (Jupiter 306)


    Biography :

    The Gingersnaps. This singing group of four teenage girls was organized in 1956 when they were freshmen at North. High School in Sheboygan. The girls are Maryann Wimmer, lead: Mary Gottsacker, tenor; Jeanne Oehler, bass, and Judy Meyer, baritone. During the first year they were organized they placed first in a state talent contest. The group has made numerous appearances in and out Babcock ' Mother!. 

     The Gingersnaps (1)

    The group were coached by Judith's father, John Meyer. John Meyer had helped form the Chordettes so the Gingersnaps, which included his daughter, Judith, were a similar project. Backing band, the Glaciers, included guitarist Brian Kumbalek, later known as blues artist Brian Lee.


    Songs :

    Bald Headed Papa                        If The Shoe Fits Put It On

    There Is A Little Rock And Roll In Everyones Soul


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