•  Dipsy & The Doodles
    (L to R)  Danny Jett, Everett "Grumpy" Mitchell, Ralph Johnson and Ron Henrries

    Dipsy & The Doodles (Providence, Ri.)


    Personnel :

    Ron Henrries

    Danny Jett

    Everett "Grumpy" Mitchell

    Ralph Johnston


    Discography :

    1963 - Duke Of Nothin' (Archibald # II) / Jolly Cholly (May 134)

    Biography :

    In 1960, The Castaleers disbanded. Ron Henries, who had already split, continued on when he joined Dipsy and the Doodles for their only single “(Archibald II) The Duke of Nothing” b/w “Jolly Cholly” on Colpix subsidiary May Records in 1963. He enjoyed national with this Providence-based group, which included former 5 Dukes member Danny Jett, Everett "Grumpy" Mitchell & Ralph Johnston.

     Dipsy & The Doodles      Dipsy & The Doodles

    This “answer record” to the Gene Chandler smash “The Duke Of Earl” brought national attention to Ron Henries’ new Rhode Island-based group. It remains a favorite on oldies stations around the world. Despite the group’s proximity to popular amusement park Jolly Cholly’s Funland in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, the record’s B-side was written by their New York producer and had nothing to do with the southern New England summer hot spot.



    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Duke Of Nothin                                     Jolly Cholly     






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