• The Parktowns

    The Parktowns (Philadelphia, Pa)

    Personnel :

    Robert Frantz (Lead)

    Jerome Ziets (First Tenor)

    Stan Ziets (Second Tenor)

    Marc Breslow (Baritone)

    Jerry Van Hollander(Bass)


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1963 - Stop, Look, And Listen / You Hurt Me Inside (Impala 214)
    1964 - That Day Will Never Come / You Hurt Me Inside (Crimson 1006)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - No Turning Back (Impala)
    1962 - Wendy (Impala)


    Biography :

    The Vandells were friends From the Overbrook Park section of Philadelphia. The group were composed by Gary Gumerman (Lead), Jerry Van Hollender (Bass), Jay Ginsberg (First Tenor), Ken Sachs (Baritone) and Arnold Sheer (Second Tenor). Jerry Van Hollender, Gary Gumerman and friend Richard Doersch write several songs in order to record them with the Vandells. Unfortunately the groups split up before they could record the songs. Jerry Van Hollender formed another group to be able to record their compositions. Called The Parktowns, the group consists of Robert Frantz, Jerome Ziets, Stan Ziets, Marc Breslow and Jerry .

    The Parktowns
    The Vandells - (L to R) Gary Gumerman, Jerry Van Hollender, Jay Ginsberg and Ken Sachs

    In 1962 he Parktowns recorded "Stop, Look, And Listen", "You Hurt Me Inside", "That Day Will Never Come", "Wendy" and "No Turning Back"  at the Sound Plus Studio on Kensington Av. in Philadelphia. The first two pieces wasn't released until 1963 on Impala. This record was also pressed on the Thor label (# 3258) sometime in the 1960s, with label credit to the Parktownes. Robbie Frantz had been accepted to Penn State University Main Campus starting in September 1963 and The group broke apart shortly after the recording. In early 1964, "That Day Will Never Come" coupled again with the "You Hurt Me Inside" was released on Crimson Records Crimson (part of Lost-Nite) owned by Jerry Greene.


    Songs :

     You Hurt Me Inside                       Stop, Look, And Listen

    That Day Will Never Come                         Wendy                


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