• The Inspirations (4) 

    The Inspirations (4) (Brooklyn, New-York)

    Personnel :

    Edward Jehamy

    Fred Trabulsi

    Theodore Barber

    James Ramsey

    Joseph Cavanna

    Discography :

    1959 - The Genie / Feeling Of Her Kiss (Sultan 1)

    1960 - Angel In Disguise / Stool Pigeon (Al Brite 1650/1651)

    Biography :

    From 1957-1960 Edward Jehamy, Fred Trabulsi, Theodore Barber, James Ramsey and Joseph Cavanna are The Inspirations from Brooklyn who recorded a single called "The Genie" /"Feeling Of Her Kiss" . The Group have a second single for Al Brite Record .


    Eddie Jehamy  wrote "The Genie" and sang lead on the flip side " Feeling Of Her Kiss".  In 1960 Joseph Cavanna joined The Classmates and recorded "Graduation" backed up with "Teenage Twister."

    Songs :

    The Genie                        Feeling Of Her Kiss                     Angel In Disguise





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