• The Monterays (1)  aka The Del Royals (3)
    The Monterays (1963) Vic Spina, Anthony "Jr" Vizzari, Jay Ferrara  and Jimmy..?

    The Monterays (1)  (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Del Royals (3)


    Anthony "Jr" Vizzari

    Jay Ferrara (Baritone)

    Anthony Biletto (Second Tenor)

    Al Diaco

    Ercote Gaudioso "Echo"


    Discography :

    The Monterays (1) aka The Del Royals (3)
    Unreleased :
    1961 - It's Much Better
    1961 - Romeo & Juliet
    1961 - Playing The Game
    1961 - Two Lovers
    1963 - Lilly

    Al Romeo (Al Diaco)
    1963 - Moonlight Becomes You / Hot Fudge Sundae (Laurie 3177)


    Biography :

    After the Treble Chords of "Teresa" fame had finally broken up in 1961, Anthony DiBari joined Ninon & The Ebbtides, While two members remained. Another group The Monterays, had also broken up around the same time and the two remaining singers, Jay Ferrara (Baritone) and Anthony Biletto (Second Tenor), united with Al Diaco and Ercote Gaudioso "Echo" of the Treble Chords. They Added Anthony "Jr" Vizzari as their lead singer, and also temporarily Frank Raia, who quit before the group came to the attention of Lou Cicchetti.  In 1961, Lou had them record four demos at Bruno-Dean Studios which consisted  of four songs: "It's Much Better (To Make Her Love Me)", " Romeo & Juliet", "Playing The Game" and "Two Lovers" (One of the acetate of "It's Much Better", they were billed as the Del Royals.)

    The Monterays (1)  aka The Del Royals (3)    The Monterays (1)  aka The Del Royals (3)
                        Lou Cicchetti                                                                                Cousin Records

    With some members changed, (Vic Spina and Jimmy..? replaced Anthony Biletto & Al Diaco) the Monterays went back into the studio one more time to record a novelty tune called "Lilly" (never released). In 1963 Vic Spina joined The Jaynells who recorded for Cameo, Diamond and Angela).  Until 1964 they continued performing locally at record hops. During this period Lou Cicchetti used them on several session to back Chuck Harper  and Guy Villari of the Regents plus Frank Lyndon of the Belmonts. In1963 Emil Sachs replaced Ercote Gaudioso who went into the army. Eventually the group broke up and only Al Diaco continued in the music business (As Al Romeo)


    Songs :

    The Monterays (1) aka The Del Royals (3)

    It's Much Better (To Make Her Love Me)               Romeo & Juliet                 

    Two Lovers                                     Playing The Game



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