• The Visuals (1)
    The Visuals (L to R) : Rob Farrow, Stuart Magness , Melvin Maron, Anthony Galante 

    The Visuals (1) (Brooklyn, New York)


Personnel :

    Robbie Joel Farrow (Lead)

    Anthony "Rocky" Galante (Second Tenor)

    Stuart Magness (First Tenor)

    Melvin Maron (Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1962 - The Submarine Race / Maybe You (Poplar 115)
    1963 - My Juanita / A Boy A Girl And A Dream (Poplar 117)
    1963 - Please Don't Be Mad At Me / Blue (Enough To Cry) (Poplar 121/Jason Scott 11)

    Unreleased :
    1961-That's My Desire (Demo)
    1961 - The Closer You Are (Demo)
    N/A - Darling We're In Love (Poplar)
    N/A - Devil (Poplar)
    N/A - Just For Tonight (Poplar)
    N/A - Look At The Moon (Poplar)
    N/A - One Little Kiss (Poplar)

    Biography :

    Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, The Visuals were Robbie Joel Farrow (lead), Anthony "Rocky" Galante (second tenor), Stuart Magness  (first tenor) and Melvin Maron (bass). For a 1963 Poplar, Jay Rose was added.) Before he formed the Visuals Robbie Joel Farrow was part of the Corsairs, an unrecorded vocal group composed by Howie Farrow (1st Tenor),Brian Farrow (2nd Tenor),Kenny McLinick (Bass) and Johnny Turco (Lead) and himself (Baritone & Falsetto).  The Visuals had 3 singles, all on Poplar between 1962 and 1964. Poplar, founded in New York City in 1962 by Stan Seifer, generally featured doo wop-styled groups, but backed them with often surprisingly sharp early rock arrangements that avoided being derivative by adding in little percussion touches, unusual basslines, and touches of horns.

    The Visuals (1)
    The Corsairs (Top) Howie, Brian & Robbie (Bottom) Kenny & Johnny

    Rocky Galante was born Anthony Galante, on January 5th, 1948, in Brooklyn, New York and with the Visuals earning his first record contract at age 14. Later, he sang vocals for the folk group The Braid. When Rocky came to San Francisco he had not only changed his name but also started his solo career and recorded several albums.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Submarine Race                    Maybe You                              My Juanita         

    A Boy A Girl And A Dream             Blue (Enough To Cry)       Please Don't Be Mad At Me

    Darling We're In Love                 Just For Tonight                    Look At The Moon    

           One Little Kiss                          The Devil                      Submarine Race (demo)

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