• The Short Twins  

    The Short Twins (Hollywood, CA)

    Personnel :

    Robert Labnon

    Ray Labnon

    Discography :

    1958 - Take A Look / I'm Gonna Love You More And More (Apex 76428 /Eagle 1005)
    1960 - Love Is Just A Game To You / We Are In Love (Apex 76652/Jewel 1656)
    1961 - Lover Boy / Plymouth Rock (20th Fox 283)

    Biography :

    Robert Labnon and Ray Labnon, twin brother, were living out in Hollywood, California after Robert had traveled all around out in Hollywood, California. They decided to come back home and visit and go to New York City and audition, audition for the Godfrey. Arthur Godfrey and his whole entourage liked the twin brothers, so they we were on the show. They won the grand prize and performed the first week with two other acts and they won. That entitled the twin brothers to come back three weeks later to compete with the three winning acts and they won that which was the grand prize of five thousand dollars.  They finished that and get a phone call from Jimmy Dean. Jimmy Dean calls them up and says "I would love to have the boys in Washington D.C. on my TV show next Wednesday or whenever, if they can make it.” They “We will Make it. "So they went out there and they had a national hook up with Jimmy Dean's TV show .

    The Short Twins     The Short Twins

    So they did that and came back to New York on completion of that and started living in New York City now. they had rented a nice apartment and started going to all the various offices, agents, writers, music writers, and they were looking to try to get some recordings going.  One thing led to another and they met another set of twins in New York. They were from Canada and they said  “Boys why don't you come with us to our Office. They are looking for some talent to record.” So, they went and met these writers , they sang and  auditioned for them. They liked the twins very much and said “OK, we will record you.” . The first record was released in 1958 :  "Take A Look" b/w "I'm Gonna Love You More And More" on Apex.

      The Short Twins

    This was the first record that they put out, and then they went out on a thirty-one day tour with the company sending the Short-Twins to Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, New Hampshire, for thirty-‐one days going to all the radio stations, all the disc jockeys getting that record going. They went back to New York and recorded  “Love Is Just A Game To You" b/w "We Are In Love” for Apex. The Short Twins recorded a third single in 1961 for 20th Fox "Lover Boy" b/w "Plymouth Rock". In 1962, Ray met a beautiful lady named Donna, They became Donna & The Short Twins. They used to do songs in French, Italian. They traveled. They got hooked up with the shows in Europe and went to Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, Tripoli entertaining all the military bases, a state‐side contract, all the Military Bases for some years.

    Songs :

    Love Is Just A Game To You



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