• The Jac-O-Lacs aka The Flairs (1) (Los Angeles)

    Personnel :

    Cornell Gunter (Lead)

    Thomas 'Pete' Fox (Tenor)

    Obediah 'Obie' Jessie (Baritone)

    Discography :

    The Jac-O-Lacs

    1955 - Cindy Lou  / Sha-Ba-Da-Ba-Doo  (Tampa 103)

    The Dooley Sisters (bb The Jac-O-Lacs)

    1955 -  Shtiggy Boom / Johnny, My Love (Dooley Sisters) (Tampa 101)

    Biography :

    The last recordings done by this Flairs group were  "She Loves To Dance" and "My Darling, My Sweet,"  two more tunes led by Cornell Gunter and released in March 1955.
    After this, Charles Jackson left to join the Chimes (who would soon record "Zindy Lou" for Specialty). Randy Jones departed too, becoming an emergency replacement for Bruce Tate in the Penguins, when they went to New York to do an Alan Freed show.

    Cornell Gunter, Obie Jessie & Pete Fox

    This left the trio of Cornell Gunter, Pete Fox and Obie Jessie. To get some "fast cash," they recorded a single record as the "Jac-O-Lacs" for Robert Scherman and Irving Shorten's Tampa label.
    "Cindy-Lou" and "Sha-Ba-Da-Ba-Doo" were released in May 1955.

    Obie Jessie, Cornell Gunter & Pete Fox

    Since there's a bass present, they might have gotten Randy Jones back for a while, but Pete has no memory of this session at all. Actually, while they were accumulating that fast cash, they also backed up the Dooley Sisters on their version of "Shtiggy Boom," released in February.

    Songs :

    Sha-Ba-Da-Ba-Doo                   Cindy Lou

    Cds :



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