• The Cordials (1)  (Columbus, Ohio)
    aka The Carians


    Personnel :

    Ron Rieser (Lead Singer)

    Dave Rathburn (Top Tenor)

    Paul Perry (Second Tenor / Alternate Lead)

    Pug Pepper (Baritone)

    Phil Stobart (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Cordials (1)
    1960 - I'm Ashamed / Sentimental Journey (Cordial 1001)

    The Carians
    1961 - She's Gone / Snooty Friends (Indigo 136)
    1961 - Only A Dream / Girls (Magenta 04)


    Biography :

    The Cordials were all from Central High School in Columbus. The group consisted of  Ron Rieser (Lead Singer), Dave Rathburn (Top Tenor), Paul Perry (Second Tenor / Alternate Lead), Pug Pepper (Baritone) and Phil Stobart (Bass).

    Phil Stobart later sang with Phil Gary & The Catalinas. The Cordials  only cut two songs under this name " I'm Ashamed" b/w "Sentimental Journey" then changed to the Carians and released two other singles. "She's Gone" is the male version of The Chantels song "He's Gone", written by Arlene Smith of the Chantels.


    Songs :
    Updated by Hans-Joachim

    The Cordials (1)

    I'm Ashamed


    The Carians

           She's Gone                     Only A Dream / Girls                    Snooty Friends     




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