• The Tangents  aka The Twilighters (4) aka The Twiliters (3)
    Horace "Pookie" Wooten

    The Tangents (Pacoima, Ca)
    aka The Twilighters (4)
    aka The Twiliters (3)

    Personnel :

    Billy Thadford (Lead)

    Horace "Pookie" Wooten (Lead)

    Howard Hogains

    Willie Marshall

    Herman ...


    Discography :

    The Tangents
    1960 - Send Me Something / I Can't Live Alone (Fresh 1)

    Horace Wooten & The Tangents
    1961 - That Lucky Old Sun / Never Leave Again (Fresh 2274)

    The Twilighters (4)
    1961 - Nothin’/ Do You Believe (Eldo 115)

    Ron Holden & The Twiliters (3)
    1962 - Things Don't Happen That Way / Ya Got That Lovin' Touch (Baronet 3)

    Biography :

    Vocal Group from Pacoima, Ca. in the San Fernando Valley.  The group consisted of Billy Thadford, Howard Hogains, Willie Marshall & Herman ?. In 1960, The Tangents recorded "Send Me Something" and "I Can't Live Alone" released in may 1960 on the Fresh Label owned by Danny Coogins. For their next record on the label, Horace Wooten joined the group .Horace "Pookie" Wooten has been part of many Los Angeles groups like The Chimes, The Shields (The Touring Group), The Lions, The Wonders, The Wanderers and probably others. With Horace Wooten on lead, they recorded "That Lucky Old Sun" and "Never Leave Again".

    The Tangents  aka The Twilighters (4) aka The Twiliters (3)    The Tangents  aka The Twilighters (4) aka The Twiliters (3)
                                                                                                        Ron Holden

    With almost the same team, but under a new name, The Twilighters, they recorded the fantastic doo wop "Nothin’" and "Do You Believe". The disc will be released by Eldo record founded by Johnny Otis. After the success of 'Love You So" Ron Holden, moved to Los Angeles and met the Group when he recorded "I'll Be Happy" and "I'll Always Have You" at Eldo Records. For their last single The group backed Ron Holden as the Twiliters on "Things Don't Happen That Way" and "You Got That Lovin' Touch" Released on Baronet.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Tangents

    Send Me Something                              I Can't Live Alone   

    Never Leave Again

    Horace Wooten & The Tangents

    That Lucky Old Sun

    The Twilighters (4)

    Nothin'                                         Do You Believe

    Ron Holden & The Twiliters (3)

    Things Don't Happen That Way           Ya Got That Lovin' Touch      


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