• The Tifanos

    The Tifanos (Tifton, Ga)


    Personnel :

    Freddie Simmons


    Songs :
    1960 - It's Raining / Louisiana (Tifco 822)
    Unreleased :
    1960 - The White Cliffs Of Dover (Tifco)


    Biography :

    The Tifanos were local recording artists from the Tifton, Ga area. They recorded 5 songs for Tifco records. The early title was "Drip Drop" changed to "It's Raining". The single was released in 1960 during that time the Payola scandal, which was why it never took off back then without the help of Payola payments to the disc jockeys.

      The Tifanos

    Tifco records, a Label owned by James Newton & Gus Statiras, out of Tifton, GA. The label was started as a source for material for larger labels. The only one that ended up going to a larger label was the "Johnny Jenkins & the Pine-Toppers" which included Otis Redding as a band member. Atlantic picked it up (with a short in between label by the Atlantic guy that purchased the songs for Atlantic). The label included several styles of music, R&B, Blues, Teen, Girl Groups, Country, Pop.(

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    Songs :

    It's Raining                                             Louisiana

    The White Cliffs Of Dover 


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