• The Continettes

    The Continettes (Wilmington, DE)


    Personnel :

    Valerie Robinson

    Shirley Lewis

    Ventie Jean Williams

    Linda Powell

    Jackie Emory


    Discography :

    1961 - Billy The Kidder / Boys Who Don't Understand (Richie 4300)


    Biography :

    Vince Rago owned and managed the Wilmington, DE Delaware based Richie Records from 1961-1968. His label featured Soul, Doo-wop, Pop, Rock and Psychedelic artists from the Delaware Valley. As talent scout for the area, he nurtured the musical careers of dozens of area singer-songwriters and fueled the dreams of thousands.

    Ventie Jean Williams                                             Shirley Lewis                                           Valerie Robinson

    After three singles by Teddy & the Continentals  who had a national hit –– on the Bubbling Under chart –– with “Ev’rybody Pony,” which hit #101 in September 1961. Vince Rago recorded The Continettes for their first and only single : "Billy The Kidder" b/w "Boys Who Don't Understand".

    The Continettes

    The group were composed by Valerie Robinson, Shirley Lewis, Ventie Jean Williams, Linda Powell and Jackie Emory.


    Songs :

            Billy The Kidder                         Boys Who Don't Understand


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