• Rudy & The Tradewinds (2) aka Jimmy & The Slanders
    L/R: Richie Soriano, Sammy Marotta, Adolfo Altreche, Tommy Pellechia and Rudy Jackson kneeling

    Rudy & The Tradewinds (2) (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka Jimmy & The Slanders


    Personnel :

    Rudy Jackson (Lead)

    Tommy Pellechia (Baritone/Second Tenor)

    Sammy Marotta (Bass/Baritone)

    Richie Soriano (First & Second Tenor)

    Adolfo Altreche (Bass)


    Discography :

    Rudy & The Tradewinds (2)
    1962 - Unemployed / Careless Love (Angletone 543)

    Jimmy & The Slanders
    1962 - Rock'in Santa / Respectable (by The Chants) (U.W.R.4243)


    Biography :

    Rudy From The Tradewinds was Rudy Jackson & was Jimmy Soul's brother in law (If You Wanna Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life) and so before Jimmy went to Motown, he was a member of The group. They were called Little Sugar and the Slanders. Rudy and Jimmy lived on St John's Place, between 5th and 6th Ave, in Brooklyn. At this time the group was composed by jimmy Soul, Rudy Jackson , Tommy Pellechia, Sammy Marotta & Adolfo Altreche. Richie Soriano was not part of the group then. They did local gigs for the area's gangsters. Jimmy Soul was the main lead. After one meager paying gig, Jimmy Soul ran off with the money; the next thing they knew he was in Detroit.

    Rudy & The Tradewinds (2) aka Jimmy & The Slanders    
     Rudy & The Tradewinds                                                                                       Jimmy Soul           

    In 1959/60, They changed their name then to Rudy and the Tradewinds, Richie Soriano joined the group, and Rudy took lead singer. The members: one black, three Italians, one Puerto Rican, in the order below. Rudy Jackson (Lead), Thomas Pellechia (Baritone/Second Tenor), Sammy Marotta (Bass/Baritone), Richie Soriano (First & Second Tenor) and Adolfo Altreche (Bass). In 1959, Sammy, Richie, Adolpho, and Tommy grew up on Sackett Street, between 4th and 5th Ave, in Brooklyn.   In 1962, Sammy Marotta worked in downtown Manhattan with two guys who sang in a group called the Del Satins. From there, they were invited to audition for Jim Gribble  in 1650 Broadway. He referred the group to Angeltone Records. They recorded "Careless Love" & "Unemployed". Both sides were done in one long afternoon session. They sang at the Apollo, Palisade Park with Cousin Bruce, the Savoy, and Lenox Hill.The group broke up about 1964. They weren't going anywhere. Surprisingly in 1962, U.W.R. (United Wolrd Records) in New York released "Rock'in Santa" by Jimmy & The Slanders (A Soul Production) b/w « Respectable" by The Chants. Tt's probably a recording of the Slanders before jimmy leaves it.



    Rudy & The Tradewinds (2)

    Unemployed                                     Careless Love

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