• The Dawns in 1956  -   Top : (L to R) Jim Carling and Joel Greenspan Lower : (L to R) Stan Goldstein and Bobby Carling -  Center :  Billy Campbell (Lead Singer)

    The Dawns (2) (Chinatown / Little Italy, New York)
    Ref  The C-Tones


    Personnel :

    Mike Caminiti  (Lead)

    Louie Matos (First Tenor)

    Stan Goldstein

    Oscar (Baritone)

    Harry Solomon (Bass)


    Discography :

    The C-Tones
    1957 - On Your Mark / From Now On (Everlast 5005)

    The Dawns (2)
    1959 - How Deep Is The Ocean / Why Did You Let Me Love You (Climax 104)


    Biography :

    The C-Tones were a group from NYC's (Chinatown & Mulberry Street in Little Italy) and was comprised Mike Caminiti on lead, Harry Solomon on bass, Tony Lee on piano & 2nd tenor, Donny DiRienzi on baritone and Louie Matos on 1st tenor. The Group consisted of 5 Italian American teenagers and practiced in Columbus Park. The Group cut "On Your Mark" b/w "From Now On" On Everlast 5005. They re-formed as "The Dawns" with Oscar ? replacing Donnie & Stan Goldstein replacing Tony Lee. They recorded "How Deep is the Ocean" b/w "Why Did You Let Me Love You" .

    Jimmy Carling Trio At Willy Pep's Melody Lane, 57th St. NYC, March '62

    It was released on the short lived Climax Records founded by Jack Gold, label which issued a grand total of ten records between 1959-60 before closing. Jim Carling replaced Oscar in 1960 but The Group broke up in 1962 without having another record out. In 1962,  Jim Carling continued in the music business in the Jimmy Carling Trio (Jim Carling on Piano, Gene Mitchell on Guitar and Bobby Nicastro on Drums) and many other groups over the years.
    Thnaks to Jim Carling.


    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The C-Tones

    On Your Mark                       From Now On

    The Dawns (2)

    How Deep Is The Ocean / Why Did You Let Me Love You


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