• The Bow Ribbons   ref : The Shadows (3)
    Beverly, Victoria & Debra

    The Bow Ribbons (Los Angeles)
    ref : The Shadows (4)


    Personnel :

    Victoria Peace

    Beverly ?

    Debra ?

    Discography :

    The Bow Ribbons
    1959 - Hey Diddle Diddle / Quick Like (Elroy Peace & Bow Ribbons) (Trans-Continental 3001)
    1959 - Mr. Spoon / Our Father (Motif ZM-018)

    The Shadows (4) (Elroy Peace and Paul White)
    1958 - You Make My Heart Sing Ah! / Pretty Window (Dick Garrett & The Shadows ) (Fraternity 795)

    Biography :

    Vocal group The Bow Ribbons, comprised of three young lasses : Beverly, Victoria & Debra between 6 and 8 years old. The Bow Ribbons were Elroy Peace's little daughter Victoria, age 6, and two nieces, Beverly and Debra age 7 and 8. The Young Trio recorded for Transcontinental Records owned by Brad Atwood the sides "Hey Diddle Diddle" and "Quick Like" where the girls backed  Elroy  with Eddie Cochran on guitar. Some months later, they recorded two new songs "Mr. Spoon" and "Our Father" released by Milton Vedder's label Motif. the four songs recorded by the trio were all composed by Ray Stanley.

    The Bow Ribbons   ref : The Shadows (3)    The Bow Ribbons   ref : The Shadows (3)
    Elroy Peace                                                                                                                               

    Ray Stanley was born Stanley Nussbaum in Dermott, Arkansas in 1924. Songwriter and vocalist Stanley teamed up with Jack Lewis at American Music and were responsible for the Crest label's first four releases. In May 1956, 'Glendora' a Ray Stanley song was covered by Perry Como whose version made the top ten on RCA. Lewis then left American and founded Sherman Music with Billy Sherman. Ray played piano on Eddie Cochran's early sessions in Gold Star Studio in mid 1956 including 'Skinny Jim', 'Half Loved' and 'My Love To Remember'.

    The Bow Ribbons   ref : The Shadows (3)

    In late 1956 Ray made a couple of demos of songs he composed. These demos are now mostly famous as Eddie Cochran sat in on guitar and provided some of his best recorded guitar licks. Songs include: 'Market Place', 'Pushin', 'Love Charms', My Lovin' Baby' and 'Kiss & Make Up'.  In 1958, Elroy Peace and Paul White are The Shadows. One of the most memorable songs of bandleader Ted Lewis  was "Me and My Shadow" with which he frequently closed his act.  Around 1928, he started to use a shadow mimicking his movements during his act.   Several Afro-American played the Shadow.  Elroy Peace and Paul White were two of them in the forties.

    The Bow Ribbons   ref : The Shadows (3)
    Young Elroy Peace and Paul White (The Shadows)

    Elroy Peace's first record was probably "Onion Breath Baby" for the Swing Time label in 1953. Followed a duet with Willie Mae Thornton on Peacock. After the Fraternity single as the Shadows, he was heard on West Coast labels such as Keen, Romeo, or Helga. In the early sixties, during a tour in Australia & New-Zealand, Elroy recorded at least two singles which were issued on local labels.

    Songs :

    The Bow Ribbons

    Our Father                                                 Mr. Spoon

    Elroy Peace & The Bow Ribbons

    Quick Like

    The Shadows (4)

    You Make My Heart Sing Ah!


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