• The Treytones  (Wooster, OH)
    aka The Trey Tones


    Personnel :

    Bob Musselman

    John Buss

    Sylvester "Vester" Copley


    Discography :

    The Treytones
    1960 - Blind Date / Cool Beat (B-W 603/604)

    The Trey Tones
    1964 - Nonymous / Dream Lover (Sunliner 101)


    Biography :

    The Trey Tones (also spelled Treytones) started as a 3 member vocal group. The group members were Bob Musselman, John Buss, and Sylvester "Vester" Copley. The group performed locally backed by fellow Woosterites the Collegians. In 1960 the group recorded their 1st 45 for the B-W label. The record was recorded at Hilltop studios, with the Collegians backing. Actually, BW Records was two labels. Quentin Welty, a long time producer, promoter, manager and agent for rock, gospel & country bands, was also a long time advertising salesman for WWST radio in Wooster.

    Welty started BW Records in 1961. The named comes from the combination of Welty and (Dana) Burns, who was a former partner of Welty’s but had no financial interest in the label. The subsidiary label connected to BW Records and owned by Welty was the Wel Burn label that primarily produced country music but the output was minimal. "Blind Date" b/w "Cool Beat" was the second 45 on B-W. The songs were pretty typical teen vocal group songs, the slower ballad "Blind Date" written by Musselman, and the more uptempo "Cool Beat" written by Copley. The group continued to perform, eventually merging with a band to form a self contained Trey Tones.

    The Treytones aka The Trey Tones    The Treytones aka The Trey Tones

    In early 1964 the group unleased one of the craziest early rockers from the area, the now infamous "Nonymous". With a Bo Diddley like beat, the song included lyrics like "look like she's lost a hatchet fight"! The flip side was their version of the Bobby Darin classic "Dream Lover". The group disbanded around 1965. Bob Musselman continued to be a part of the Apperson/Welty orbit, with songwriting and production credits on some mid 1960s 45s. He is deceased. The other members whereabouts are not known.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Blind Date                                               Cool Beat

    Dream Lover / Nonymus


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