• Linda & The Del Rios (5)

    Linda & The Del Rios (5) (New Bedford, Ma.)


    Personnel :

    Linda Steele (Lead)

    Antone Tavares (Tenor)

    Arthur Tavares

    Ralph Tavares (Second Tenor)

    John Tavares

    Peter Boo


    Discography :

    1962 - I Don't Want To Be Loved / Come On, Let Me Try (Crackerjack 4005)


    Biography :

    The father of Arthur "Pooch", Antone "Chubby", Feliciano "Butch" and Perry Lee "Tiny" Tavares, was a multi-talented musician with a passion for Wes Montgomery and Jimmy McGriff, who played guitar and sang in small clubs in the Tavares hometown of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Their oldest brother John, kindled his siblings interest in the tight, fluid singing of R&B harmony groups. Formed in 1959 by John Tavares. They were signed at Crackerjack Records by Sue Records Inc.'s owner Juggy Murray Jones. 

    Linda & The Del Rios (5)    Linda & The Del Rios (5)

    The Del Rios were actually a male doo-wop group, Linda Steele (from Providence RI.)  was added just for this tune, written by Bob Yorey. Linda got pregnant just after their record was released and Juggy Murray ( Producer) dropped them. Originally released on Crackerjack 4005, b/w "I Don't Want To Be Loved". Crackerjack was a subsidiary label of Sue .

    Linda & The Del Rios (5)     Linda & The Del Rios (5)

    It had been John's idea to form a group (originally called The Del Rios) . When John dropped out, Butch joined and when Pooch had a minor operation, Tiny replaced him. After Pooch returned to the group, the brothers couldn't tell Tiny to leave, so they turned their quartet into a quintet, changed their name to Chubby & the Realities, Chubby & the Turnpikes and soon to just The Turnpikes Then the group became Tavares!.


    Songs :

    Come On, Let Me Try 


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