•  The Youngsters (1) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Preludes (1)  aka Tempters aka Them


    Personnel :

    Homer Green (Lead)

    Charles Everidge (Second Tenor)

    Donald Miller (First Tenor)

    Harold Murray (Baritone)

    James Monroe Warren (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Youngsters (1)
    1956 - Shattered Dreams / Rock'n Roll'n Cowboy (Empire 104)
    1956 - Counterfeit Heart / You're An Angel (Empire 107)
    1956 - Dreamy Eyes / Christmas In Jail (Empire 109)
    1956 - Dreamy Eyes / I'm Sorry Now (Empire 109)

    The Preludes (1)
    1956 - Don't Fall In Love Too Soon / I Want Your Arms Around Me (Empire 103)

    The Them
    1956 - Shattered Dreams / I'm Sorry Now (Heg 501)

    The Tempters
    1956 - I'll See You Next Fall / I'm Sorry Now (Empire 105)


    Biography :

    The Youngsters had one good sized hit on the west coast, several records under different names, and members that were involved in other fine groups.  The group formed at Manual Arts High School on Vermont Street in Los Angeles in 1955. Group members originally included Homer Green, Don Miller, Charles Everidge, Harold Murray and James Warren.

     Their first recording was issued as the Preludes and was with the newly formed Empire record label, owned by George Motola and Jack Hoffman. Backing them on the session was noted pianist Ernie Freeman. "Don't Fall In Love Too Soon" was actually recorded at the same session as "Shattered Dreams" and "Rock And Roll Cowboy". Besides the Preludes and Youngsters, they also had the name of the Tempters. 


    Their next release stalled, and the group made a personnel change. Homer Green joined the service, and Herman Pruitt jumped aboard. He had sung with another fine LA vocal group, the Calvanes. And, coincidently, was also from Manual Arts High School. "Dreamy Eyes" became their best selling record and earned them spots on a few local tours and some great gigs.

    The song was also covered by many groups, including the Squires on Aladdin, the Viceroys, the Sparklers, and others. By 1957, the Youngsters fortunes faded for at least a couple of reasons.Two members of the group left, and Empire records folded. Everidge and Warren eventually joined the Shields touring group, as they were then hot with "You Cheated".


    Songs :

    Shattered Dreams                   Rock'n Roll'n Cowboy              I'm Sorry Now

    Counterfeit Heart / You're An Angel        Dreamy Eyes / Christmas In Jail


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