• The Zircons (2) aka The Capes

    The Zircons (1965)

    The Capes (Chattanooga, Tenn.)
    aka The Zircons (2) 


    Personnel :

    Eugene Meadows

    Emmanuel Thompson

    Robert Eppinger

    Wilson Meadows

    Wallace Meadows


    Discography :

    The Capes
    1960 - The Vow / Jeanie (Chat 5005

    The Zircons (2)
    1962 - No Twistin' On Sunday / Mama Wants To Drive (Federal 12452)
    1962 - Mr. Jones (Is A Bad Man)  / Get Up And Go To School (Federal 12478)
    1964 - Don't Put Off For Tomorrow  (What You Can Do Today) / Where There's A Will  (Heigh Ho 606-607)
    1965 - Sit Down Girl / I couldn't Stop Crying  (Heigh Ho 608-609)
    1967 - Go On And Cry, Cry / Was It Meant To Be This Way (Heigh Ho 645-646)
    1969 - Finders Keepers / You Ain't Comin' Back (Capitol 2667)


    Biography :

    Wilson, Wallace, Eugene Meadows, Robert Eppinger and Emmanuel Thompson first started as the Capes, they recorded a ditty called "The Vow" b/w  "Jeanie" for Chat in February 1960. In 1961, They signed a record deal with King Records as The Zircons. The name for the group has caused some confusion over the years as it seems that the name had been used in the late 50's early 60's on several other groups recording for Winston, Dot and a number of other small labels. But the name was soon to become firmly theirs the following year when their first release "No Twisting On Sunday" came out on the King subsidiary Federal: "No Twisting on Sunday" b/w "Mama Wants To Drive".

    The Zircons (2) aka The CapesThe Capes (1960) L to R : Eugene Meadows, Emmanuel Thompson, Robert Eppinger, Wilson Meadows, Wallace Meadows

    Actually the Capes and the Zircons were the same group, which just changed names. After one more release for the label the group headed further north to New York.  Here over the next five years they cut three singles for the Heigh-Ho label, including "Go On And Cry, Cry". In the early 70's they also cut one single with Capitol records "Finders Keepers". On Capitol (without Eppinger and Thompson) Wilson, Wallace & Eugene Meadows came with the name 'The Meadows' and soon learned there were other acts that had already chosen the name. 

    The Zircons (2) aka The Capes
    The Meadows

    Wilson Meadows continued with his brothers as the Meadows on Radio Records - an LP recorded at Muscle Shoals with the legendary studio band , and scored an R&B chart hit in 1977 with "I Can't Understand" by the Meadows Brothers on Kayvette.


    Songs :
     (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Zircons (2)

    Mr. Jones  (Is A Bad Man)            No Twistin' On Sunday           Get Up And Go To School

    Mama Wants To Drive                Don't Put Off For Tomorrow ....           Where There's A Will....

    I Couldn't Stop Crying              You Ain't Coming Back        Finders Keepers


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