• The Three Sharpes aka The Three Sharpes Quartet (Montreal, Canada)

    Personnel :

    Marcel Desjardins (vocals / saxophone)

    Pierre Brault (vocals / guitar)

    Raymond Brault (vocals / guitar)

    Discography :

    The Three Sharpes

    1960 - Reviens chérie / Je veux danser (Apex 13168)
    1961 - Kili Watch / Sous les étoiles (Apex 13210)

    The Three Sharpes Quartet
    1963 - Que c'est bête / Montréal (Quality 1529 X)
    1963 - My love was not a true love / Belle St John  (Quality 1570 X)


    1964 - The Three Sharpes Quartet (London GA 1008)
    Blues (part 1) / Sweet Georgia Brown / Rêve d'amour / Montréal / Drum solo / Blues (part 2) / Alouette / Bourrée / The lady is a tramp / C'est si bon

    Discography :

    Vocal & instrumental Trio from Montreal, comprised of Marcel Desjardins (vocals and saxophone) Pierre Brault (vocals and guitar) and Raymond Brault (vocals and guitar). The group begins in cabarets and theaters, it was quickly noticed by Yvan Dufresne.


    In 1960, Raymond left the band and was replaced by Pierre Boisvert.
    They sign with Apex record company and markets a  first 45 whose titles: Reviens chérie / Je veux danser.

    In 1961, the 3 Sharpes record a second 45 laps which includes the songs: Kili Watch / Sous les étoiles.
    In 1963, Pierre Brault left the band and was replaced by Guy Robichaud, and Don Kelly (vocals / drums) joins the group and training named Three Sharpes Quartet .

    The band recorded for the label Quality two 45s, then in 1965 the band changed their name to the Kangaroos.

    Song :

    Reviens, Chérie


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