• The Del-Chords (1)

    The Del-Chords (1) (Bunkie, Louisiana)

    Personnel :

    Frankie Simmons

    James Jackson

    Arthur Sterling

    Marshall Hawkins

    Arthur Lee Searcy

    Discography :

    1960 - Help Me / Say That You Love Me (Jin 126)

    Biography :

    This group from Bunkie, Louisiana consisted of Frankie Simmons, James Jackson, Arthur Sterling, Marshall Hawkins and Arthur Lee Searcy. When Floyd Soileau (the owner of the Jin Records) first heard The Del-Chords, he had high hopes . So, Floyd took The Del-Chords into the studio. They recorded "Help Me", which became their debut single. It was released on Jin Records in 1960. Floyd also sent copies of "Help me" to the major labels.

    The Del-Chords (1)
    Floyd Soileau (Owner of the Jin Records)

     He thought they would find it hard to resist the combination of a needy vocal and tight harmonies. He was wrong. None of the majors expressed an interest in The Del-Chords. To make matters worse, the single flopped. Even veteran music men get it wrong once in a while. Thus, despite the high-quality harmonies, the group were never called back for a follow up.

    Songs :

             Help Me                                   Say That You Love Me



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