• Nick & the Nacks (Long Island, New-York)

    Personnel :

    Nick Sudano (Lead)

    Bill Hennessey (First Tenor )

    Jack Connelly (Second Tenor )

    Dennis Regan (Baritone)

    Roy Hitcznko(Bass)

    Discography :

    1962 - The night / That old black magic (Barry 108)
    1975 - Love is a many splendid thing (acapella) (Relic LP 103)
    1975 - A lovely way to spend an evening (acapella) (Relic LP 103)
    1975 - White cliffs of dover (acapella) (Relic LP 104)
    1975 - Good good -bye (acapella) (Relic LP 105)
    1977 - Linda / The ABC's of love (Crytal ball 103)

    Biography :

    This Wantagh, Long Island.NY group started in 1961 as Nicky & The Chord-Lords; Nick Sudano (Lead), Phil De Angelo (1st Tenor), Frank Fink(2nd Tenor), Johnny Conte (Baritone) and Bruce Burger(Bass).they have soon a local popularity and soon they decided to try for a professional career with Ron Schubert as manager.

    In 1964 Nick Sudano composed_The Night.which the Chord-Lords soon recorded along with an arragement of the classic_The Old Black Magic as B side this demo was given to some companies but in this time by internal conflicts the group broke up almost Sudano formed yet another group Nick & The Nacks;Nick Sudano(Lead),Jack Connolly(2nd Tenor),Jimmy Hurley(1st Tenor),Ernie Southern(Baritone) and Roy Hitznko(Bass) when the group manager know that the demo of the Chord-Lords soon were released in the Old Town subsidiary label Barry Records he ask this be credited to Nick & The Nacks so way when you listen this records you really listen to NICK & THE CHORD-LORDS. The real first release of the group were with the inclusion on WGLI DJ Lou Dean's"Night Train Special" LP of one side they have recorded as a demo_Linda.(with_ABC's Of Love as B side) this have to Mark Russo as bassman. Finally in the mid-60's the group providing 7-8 acappella sides for the Eddie Grie's"Best Of Acappella" Lp's.with the changes in the music bussines the group soon lost interest with various members regulary missing rehearsals an soon they broke up.

    Songs :

    The night                             Linda




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