• The Limelighters (1)  (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Rockets (4) aka The Teeners (1) aka The Four Blades aka The Four Angels

    Personnel :

    Eugene Tompkins (Tenor)

    Sammy Fain (Tenor)

    William 'Dutch' Nadel (Tenor)

    Henry Gunter (Baritone)

    Otis Anthony 'Tony' Streeter (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Limelighters (1)
    1956 - Cabin hideaway / My sweet Norma Lee (Josie 795)
    Unreleased :
    1956 - Dreams (Rama)
    1956 - Love conquers all (Rama)
    1957 - I owe my life to you (Backbeat/Pet)
    1957 - Tangiers (Backbeat/Pet)

    The Rockets (4)
    1956 - Long tall Sally ( Ep Prom 715)
    1956 - Church bells may ring ( Ep Prom 716)

    The Teeners (1)
    1956 - I want you to be my girl ( Ep Prom 715)
    1956 - Little girl of mine ( Ep Prom 716)

    The Four Blades
    1956 - I want you to be my girl ( EP Big 4 Hits 190/Gateway 1170)
    1956 - The magic touch / Long tall Sally ( EP 4 Hits 335) 
    1956 - Church bells may ring (Gateway 1174)

    The Four Angels
    1956 - The Magic Touch / Speedo (LP - Today's Items 1910)      
    1956 - I Want You To Be My Girl / Little Girl Of Mine / R-O-C-K (LP - Today's Items 1911)
    1956 - Church Bells May Ring  / Long Tall Sally (LP - Today's Items 1912)

    Biography :

    This group was formed in 1954 in the Morrisania section of the Bronx in New York City, patterning themselves after the popular R&B groups of the day. Gunter had been working in a shoe store and one of their styles was called Limelighters; hence, their name.

    They got themselves a manager, Buddy Dunk. He was acquainted with someone associated with one of the budget labels and a session was arranged in 1956. The group was given seven songs to familiarize themselves with in one day. They were able to accomplish this. Incredibly, because there was time remaining at the end of the session, two original tunes they wrote, "My Sweet Norma Lee" and "Cabin Hideaway," were recorded.

    These two songs were ultimately sold to Jubilee's Jerry Blaine. Eventually both were released on the Jubilee subsidiary label, Josie. The other songs recorded that day found their way to budget LPs, EPs, and singles as by the Rockets, Teeners, Four Blades, or Four Angels. This in spite of the fact that the group was a quintet.

    Dunk got them to record for several other labels, including Rama, but nothing else was ever released.  Tenor Willie Williams sang for the Limelighters when Streeter went into the service. Since they were all getting older and nothing ever happened for them professionally, they broke up in 1959. Years later Tompkins and Fain joined with Lillian Leach and the Mellows
    Mitch Rosalsky "Encyclopedia of rhythm and blues and doo wop vocal groups"

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Limelighters (1)

    Love Conquers All      Talking To Myself        Cabin Hideaway /My Sweet Norma Lee

    The Four Angels

    The Magic Touch                       Speedo                         Long Tall Sally

    R-O-C-K                            Little Girl Of Mine                Church Bells May Ring

    I Want You To Be My Girl




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