• Left to right:  Jeannine, Terry and Marie

    Dave & The Cardigans (2)  (Worcester, Ma.)


    Personnel :

    Dave Witt (Lead)

    Marie Belanger (Bass Alto)

    Jeannine Doiron (High Alto)

    Terry Belanger (Soprano)

    Diane LeDoux (Soprano)


    Discography :

    1962 - My Falling Star / Cha Cha Baby (Bay 216)


    Biography :

    The Cardigans were three young women from Worcester, Massachusetts .  Marie Belanger was bass alto, Jeannine Doiron was high alto, and Terry Belanger was soprano. The Cardigans also had Diane LeDoux who occasionally joined  to do soprano as well.

    At White City in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts -left to right: Terry, Jeannine, Dave, Diane and Marie

    In 1962, After numerous appearances around Worcester area, The Cardigans have the opportunity to record a Single.  "My Falling Star" b/w  "Cha Cha Baby" were cut on Bay Records with a singer by the name of Dave Witt from Massachusetts as well.

                                                                                                                 Left to right:  Diane, Marie, Jeannine & Terry at the Worcester Auditorium

    The Single was recorded with music from Tony Agbay and the continentals.
    Thanks to  Marie Belanger


    Songs :

    My Falling Star / Cha Cha Baby


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