• The Classmates (7) Jack Pryor, Tony Mazza, Charlie Sheridan & Joe Cavanna 


    The Classmates (7) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Tony Mazza (Lead)

    Charlie Sheridan

    Jack Pryor

    Joe Cavanna (Bass)


    Discography :

    1961 - Homework / Here Comes Suzy (Seg-Way 104)

    1962 - All I Want Is To Love You / Some Of These Days (Radar 3962)

    1963 - Graduation / Teenage Twister (Radar 2624)

    196? - Hug You, Kiss You
    196? - You're Too Late

    The Classmates (7)


    Biography :

    This Classmates are from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The group consisted of Lead Singer Tony Mazza, Jack Pryor, Joe Cavanna and Charlie Sheridan. They were friends with The Shy-Tones/Hi-Tones, The Emotions, and the Inspirations. where sang Joe Cavanna in 1959, and recorded on the Sultan label. Back in 1960, The Classmates sang in storefronts and sang at the Green Tea Room. 

    The Classmates (7)     The Classmates (7)
    Tony Mazza, Joe Cavanna, Charlie Sheridan & Jack Pryor                  

     The group cut "Homework" b/w "Here Comes Suzy" , released on The Seg-Way label. The record did very well in sales then Bobby Vinton did ‘Roses Are Red' [overshadowing everything else], Not long after, they were signed by Radar Records Originally owned by Irv Jerome and later purchased by Jerry Roth. Radar Records released two new singles by the Classmates. "All I Want Is To Love You" b/w "Some Of These Days" and "Graduation" b/w "Teenage Twister" in 1962. Then Joe Cavanna got drafted and Their lives changed.



    Homework                      Here Comes Suzy                All I Want Is To Love You

    Some of These Days                  Graduation                Hug You, Kiss You

    Teenage Twister             You're Too Late


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