The Accents (2) (Hollywood, Calif.)

    Personnel :

    Robert Armstrong (Lead)

    Israel Goudreau Jr.(Tenor)

    Robert Draper Jr. (Tenor)

    Jimmy Jackson (Baritone)

    Billy Hood (Bass)

    Arvid Windell Garrett

    Discography :

    1958 - Wiggle Wiggle / Dreamin' And Schemin'(Brunswick 55100)
    1959 - I Give My Heart To You / Ching A Long (Brunswick 55123)
    1959 - Anything You Want Me To Be / Autumn Leaves (Coral 62151)


    Biography :

    "Little Bitty  Pretty One" was the obvious inspiration for the Accents' sole hit "Wiggle Wiggle" and though the similarities were evidently not sufficient to warrant a lawsuit, Aladdin took the expedient step of covering the song with a group called the Chestnuts.

    The Accents (2)

    Comprising Robert Armstrong, (Born in California in 1936), Billy Hood, (Texas 1932), Jimmy Jackson (Ohio, 1930), Arvid Windell Garrett (Illinois, 1936), Israel Goudreau Jr. (Texas, 1938) and Robert Draper Jr. (Alabama, 1934), It's likely that the Accents came together in the Service.

        The Accents (2)

    The group cut two more unsuccessful follow-ups before disbanding in 1960.


    Songs :

    I Give My Heart To You                      Wiggle Wiggle

    Dreamin' And Schemin                          Ching A Long

    Anything You Want Me To Be                  Autumn Leaves





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