• The Laurels (2)
    Bobby Relf

    The Laurels (2) (Los Angeles, CA)

    Personnel :

    Bobby Relf (Lead)

    Ronald Brown

    Ted Brown

    Sam Jackson

    Discography :

    The Laurels (2)
    1954 - Fine Fine Baby / T.J. (by Jake Porter) (Combo 66)
    1955 - Tis The Night / Truly, Truly (X 0143)

    Bobby Relf & The Laurels (2)
    1955 - Farewell / Yours Alone (Flair 1063)

    Bobby Relf (bb The Laurels uncredited)
    1956 - Our Love / The Shuck (Ernie Freeman instrumental) (Cash 1019)
    1956 - Little Fool / I’m Not Afraid (Dot 15510)

    Jesse Belvin bb Bobby Relf & The Laurels (uncredited)
    1955 - Gone  / One Little Blessing (Speciality 550)
    1955 - Where's My Girl / Love Love Of My Life (Speciality 559)
    1956 - Betty My Darling / Dear Heart (Hollywood 1059)

    Biography :

    Born in Los Angeles in 1937, Robert Relf assembled a doo-wop group called the Laurels while attending Fremont High School. The Laurels Consisted of Ronald Brown, Ted Brown, Sam Jackson and Bobby Relf. They released three singles between 1954 - 1955. They had one release each on the Combo (1954), Flair (1955) and "X" (1955) labels. Bobby Relf & The Laurels, though uncredited, provided background vocals for Jesse Belvin on Speciality & Hollywood Records

    The Laurels (2)   The Laurels (2)
                                                                                                       Jesse Belvin

    The following year Relf released two 45s probably accompanied by the uncredited Laurels, "Our Love" and "Little Fool", before spent short stints with the Crescendoes, the Upfronts featuring Barry White on baritone vocals, Valentino and the Lovers (Donna Records) The Hollywood Flames and Bobby Day and the Satellites. With the Crescendos, he recorded "Finders Keepers", "I'll Be Seeing You" and "Sweet Dreams" for Atlantic Records in 1956, alongside Prentice Moreland, Young Jessie of The Flairs, and Bobby Byrd of The Hollywood Flames.

    The Laurels (2)
    Bob & Earl : Bobby Relf & Earl Nelson

    The Hollywood Flames, a group that had previously featured Bobby Byrd, as well as Earl Nelson. Byrd had formed the original Bob & Earl with Nelson in 1957, and when he went solo in 1962, Bobby Relf proved the natural replacement. They recorded Harlem Shuffle in 1963 a song part-arranged by the keyboards player, Barry White.

    Songs :

    The Laurels (2)

             Fine Fine Baby                       Truly, Truly  / Tis The Night

    Bobby Relf & The Laurels (2)

     Yours Alone / Farewell

    Bobby Relf (bb The Laurels (2) (uncredited)

                Our Love                                 I’m Not Afraid / Little Fool

    Jesse Belvin bb Bobby Relf & The Laurels (2) (uncredited)

    Gone  / One Little Blessing            Where's My Girl / Love Love Of My Life

    Betty My Darling                                   Dear Heart


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