•  The Autumns (New Jersey)


    Personnel :

    Joel Katz (Lead)

    Henry Richard "Dickie" Harmon (Tenor)

    Eddie Brian (Tenor)

    Jackie Davis (Bass)


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1964 - Dearest Little Angel / Maureen (Clifton 34/Medieval 208)
    1965 - Never / Exodus (Power 871/ Amber 856)

    Lps :
    1965 - The Stars Of Acapella Vol 1 (Amber LP 801)
    Never / Exodus

    1966 - Stars Of Acappella Vol.2  (Snowflake LP 1002)

    1966 - Battle Of The Groups Vol.1 ( Snowflake 1004)
    Over The Rainbow


    Biography :

    Joel Katz started out singing in high school and formed his first group, Joel and the Conchords, when he was 13 years old and a student at Saddle Brook High School in New Jersey. They made their first appearance at a student talent show in which take took first prize. They were on Jocko's Channel 13 TV program. Other groups he was a part of were the Belvederes and the Butanes while in high school. It was then, soon after, Joel was hired to join the Autumns.


    The Group, composed by Joel Katz, Henry Richard "Dickie" Harmon, Jackie Davis and Eddie Brian cut "Dearest Little Angel" b/w "Maureen"  on Medieval, a Relic's  subsidiaries. In 1965, they cut four Acapella sides, "Never" and "Exodus" are released on Amber Record (Single & LP) and "Lorraine" and "Over The Rainbow" on two acappella LP's


    Songs :

    Dearest Little Angel                              Maureen

    Never                              Over The Rainbow                          Lorraine



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