• The Blackwells The Blackwells and Phil Everly

     The Blackwells (Laytonville, Ca.)
    (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    Personnel :

    Dewayne Blackwell

    Ron Blackwell

    Glenda Blackwell

    Discography :

    1959 - Here's the question / Please Don't Come Crying (G&G 126)
    1959 - Holey Sombrero / Oh My Love (G&G 131/Guyden 2020)
    1959 - You Are Free, I'm Alone / Depot (Jamie 1141)
    1959 - Little Match Girl / The Christmas Holiday (Jamie 1146)
    1960 - Honey, Honey / Always It's You  (Jamie 1150)
    1960 - Unchained Melody / Mansion On The Hill (Jamie 1157)
    1960 - Moulin Rouge / You're A Habit With Me  (Jamie 1170)
    1960 - Little Match Girl / The Christmas Holiday  (Jamie 1173)
    1961 - Love or Money / Big Daddy and The Cat (Jamie 1179)
    1961 - You Took Advantage of Me / I (Jamie 1199)
    1964 - Playin' Heart Strings / I Must Be Perfect (Hickory 1241)
    1964 - Ballad Of A Young Truck Driver / She Loves The Love I Give Her (Hickory 1261)
    1964 - I've Been Waiting / The Little Bird (Hickory 1279)

    Biography :

    DeWayne Blackwell was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and he and his parents moved to California in the mid 1950s when he was a baby. Ronald and Glenda Blackwell were born in California. They spent most of their growing up time there but we also lived in Oregon and Alaska.

    After DeWayne wrote 'Mr Blue' for The Fleetwoods, they won a recording contract with G&G Records in SFO, however after failing to register a hit there, a distributor scored them a contract with Jamie.

    The Blackwells  

    (L to R) Dewayne Blackwell, Wesley Rose, Glenda Blackwell, Harry Finfer , Boudleaux Bryantand Ronald Blackwell.

    'Unchained Melody' (with their sister) was their only Top 100 charter at #83, whilst 'Love Or Money' (on 'Teenage Crush 5') was a better record but only made it to #107 on the Bubbling Under charts.


    The Blackwells figured in Phil Spector’s early career. Spector was associated with Lee Hazlewood and Lester Sill’s Gregmark Music. Hazlewood and Sill produced Duane Eddy and Spector traveled down to Phoenix to watch Duane Eddy sessions, where he picked up many of the echo techniques used on Duane’s recordings from Lee Hazlewood.

    The Blackwells

    Spector then produced the Blackwells on “You Took Advantage Of Me” b/w "I" as Jamie 1199, the last Blackwells recording for Jamie in August 1961.In 1964 the Nashville-based Hickory label released three further records of The Blackwells."




    Songs : 

    Please Don't Come Crying         Unchained Melody             Little Match Girl

    You Took Advantage Of Me          Love or Money              The Christmas Holiday

    Big Daddy And The Cat                       I                      Mansion On The Hill

    Always It's You                    Holey Sombrero                Here's The Question

    Oh My Love                            Honey, Honey                  Moulin Rouge


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