• The Dahills

    The Dahills (Brooklyn, New York)
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 


    Personnel :

    Dennis Lambert (Lead)

    Ed Lambert (Baritone & Arrangements)

    Gordon Bayne (Second Tenor & Bass)

    Joe Cenamo (First Tenor & Alternate Lead)


    Discography :

    The Dahills
    1964 - Michelle / Why Do We Have To Say Goodnight (Musicor 1041)
    1976 - Do You Want To Go Steady / Please Be My Girlfriend (Clifton 13)
    1977 - She's My Angel / I Who Love You (Crystal Ball 107)

    Dennis & The Dahills
    1962 - Once Upon A Time / I Don't Believe In Fairy Tales (unreleased)
    1963 - Arlene* / Janie, Please Believe Me (unreleased)
    *Erroneously released on Crystal Ball 105 as by The Four Winds!


    Biography :

    The Dahills was formed in Brooklyn NY in the early 60's by a few friends who knew each other from high school (Erasmus Hall). The groups 1st tenor, Joe Cenamo was a friend they met while singing at the beach.  Joe Cenamo  sang with the Del Cades.


    They chose the name from a street in our neighborhood, Dahill Road. This was a common way to name groups back then... Dion and The Belmonts got their name from Belmont Ave. in the Bronx.

    The Dahills       The Dahills

    They recorded all songs between 1962 and 1965. Most of the material was produced by The Tokens another very popular group from Brookyn in that era. Dennis Lambert went on to a very successful career as a world famous song writer and record producer.  He's enjoyed great success with a career spanning over 3 decades. Gordon Bayne.



    Songs :

    The Dahills

    She's My Angel         Please Be My Girlfriend              Why Do We Have To Say Goodnight / Michelle

    Do You Want To Go Steady                       I Who Love You

    Dennis & The Dahills

    Once Upon A Time / I Don’t Believe In Fairy Tales       Arlene / Janie, Please Believe Me


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