• The Cosines (New York)


    Personnel :

    Paul Simon "Jerry Landis" (guitar, bass, vocals)

    Carole King "Klein" (piano, drums, vocals)


    Discography :

    1992 - Ask Me Why / Just To Be With You (Chance 102)


    Biography :

    Paul Simon produced records for other artists and wrote many songs which he recorded, mainly for Amy Records, as  $25 demos for  Dion, Fabian & Bobby Vee and many others.  From 1958 to 1959 he worked with Carole King  forming the group The Cosines which did demos for The Fleetwoods & The Passions and others.

     "Just To Be With You" recorded by The Passions was their most successful work. Paul published his songs in his own company: Landis Music. From Amy Records times come these two tracks by The Cosines which were released by Chance label in 1992

    Songs :

    Just To Be With You                                  Ask Me Why    


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