1964, (Clockwise from top), Gloria Meggett, Sandra Durant,Lorraine Anthanio & Eloise Covington


    The Socialites (2) (Bronx, New York)
    (With Hans-Joachim) 


    Lorraine Anthanio

    Eloise Covington

    Delores Rainey

    Mildred "Kym" Trant

    Gloria Meggett

    Discography :

    The Socalites (2)
    1962 - Jimmy / The Click (Arrawak 1004)
    1964 - You're Losing Your Touch / Jive Jimmy (Warner Bros. 5476)

    Lorraine & The Socialites (2)
    1963 - The Conqueror / Any Old Way (Mercury 72163)

    Biography :

    The Socialites were from Grace Dodge High School in the Bronx and formed around 1960. The group consisted of Lorraine Anthanio, Eloise Covington, Gloria Meggett, Delores Rainey Kym Trant. Anthanio, Trant and Covington had previously attended Junior High School 40 together where they had become friends while singing in the glee club.

    The Socialites (2) (
    1962, Joe De Angelis (Manager), Lorraine Anthanio, Delores Rainey, "Kym" Trant, Eloise Covington & Gloria Meggett

    Upon entering high school they again entered the glee club. Later Meggett and Rainey joined with the girls to form the Socialites. Singing the popular songs of the day. One day the girls sing at the schools weekly assembly. Just sophomores or juniors the girls were to sing for the seniors assembly where they did "Down the Aisle of Love."

    The Socialites (2) ( 

    The Socialites with Sunny & the Horizons at Alan Fredericks Show in 1962

    After this the group began performing more and more, not only at school, but as part of a youth organization tour too. Appearing at record hops and summer concerts the group would perform at three and four events daily. At the suggestion of a classmate that occasionally played piano for the group they went to see Joe Simmons. Simmons was a songwriter and producer that was associate with Arrawak Records a local Bronx label.

    The Socialites (2)     The Socialites (2)

    Securing an audition, they journeyed to Manhattan where they sang "Jimmy" and "The click", both written by Lorraine, for Simmons. Thoroughly impressed, Simmons recorded the songs and they were released in 1962. While at 1650 Broadway (the Brill Building) they met Brooklyn songwriter Joe De Anglis who became the group's manager. De Angilis proved to be a fair and earnest business man making sure the Socialites got paid and that people didn't bother them. In the meantime "jimmy" was receiving local airplay and the Socialites were busy playing locally.

    The Socialites (2) ( 

    1965, At the World’s Fair, Queen, New York. Eloise, Sandra, Gloria & Lorraine

    In 1963 the group moved to Mercury Records. Re-named Lorraine and the Socialites the recorded "The Conqueror." The was popular in New York and the group continued making appearances around New York. Kym who was married and in nursing school found the demands on her time to be to great and left the group. The last Socialite single was "You're Losing Your Touch" for Warner Brothers in 1964. Continuing to make live appearances in 1964 and 1965. By this time Delores had left and been replaced by Sandra Durant. They also appeared at the New York World's Fair.
    John Clemente (Girl Groups: Fabulous Females That Rocked the World)


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 


    The Socalites (2)

    Jimmy                     You're Losing Your Touch             Jive Jimmy

    The Click                          Any Old Way / The Conqueror

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