• The Dikes

    The Dikes (Atlanta, Georgia)


    Personnel :

    Lowell Spearman

    Johnny Leach

    Robert Fleming

    Lucius Chosin

    Rufus Chosin


    Discography :

    1955 - Light Me Up / Don't Leave Poor Me (Federal 12249)


    Biography :

    The Dikes were five native Georgians discovered by  Ralph Bass, Federal A&R man, during a local hunt. Their singing and songwriting earned them a recording session and one release, "Light Me Up" / "Don't Leave Poor Me" (Federal 12249) in January 1956. Information on the labels of records distributed to Dee Jays and distributors tells us that the group members were Lowell Spearman, Johnny Leach, Robert Fleming, Lucius Chosin and his brother Rufus Chosin. However, we still do not now the origin of the group's unfortunate choir for a name.

    Songs :

    Light Me Up / Don't Leave Poor Me


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