• The Teardrops (1)
    (L-R) Sam Scott, Alfonso Wallace, Stan Bracely and Carl Jones.

    The Teardrops (1) (Detroit)


    Personnel :

    Carl Jones (Lead)

    Alfonso Wallace (Tenor)

    Sam Scott (Baritone)

    Stan Bracely (Bass)


    Discography :

    1953 - Come Back To Me / Sweet Lovin' Daddy-O (Sampson 634)


    Biography :

    This group was formed by teenage friends from the "Black Bottom" section of Detroit in the early 1950s. Bracely was visiting his parents and met Maurice Martin, who was living in the same apartment house. When Bracely told Martin of the Teardrops, Bracely, a pianist, took an interest and began showing up at their rehearsal sessions. They would sing and practice wherever they could find an echo: bathrooms, hallways, and so on. hey began performing at amateur shows and church functions.

    The Teardrops (1)    The Teardrops (1)
                                                               The Love-Tones  (L-R)  Stan Bracely, Carl Jones, Mickey Stevenson and Joe Miles

    They came in second in a 1953 amateur show across the river from Detroit in Windsor, Ontario. The winner was "Little" Willie John. The group was soon contacted by promoter Homer Jones, who asked them to get in touch with Sampson Records (whom he had spoken to) regarding the Teardrops. They recorded for a studio that was located in the rear of Sam's Record Shop. They heard their tune on Detroit radio for several weeks, but then it disappeared. As is usually the case, group members never received a cent, nor did they ever hear from Sampson Records again. Stan Bracely & Carl Jones would later evolve into Motown's Love-Tones. Carl Jones was killed in a barroom fight in the early 1960s.


    Songs :

    Come Back To Me                        Sweet Lovin' Daddy-O

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