• The Shantons (Jersey City, New Jersey)

    Personnel :

    Thomas Brown "Skip" (Lead)

    Michael Wells

    George Flowers

    William (Billy) McCoy

    Discography :

    The Shantons
    1959 - Triangle love / Lover’s March (JAY-MAR 164/5)

    1960 - Lucille / To Be In Love With You (JAY-MAR 241/2)

    Skip & The Shantons
    1960 - The Christmas Song / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (JAY-MAR 181/2)

    Skip Brown & The Shantons / Skip Brown
    1959 - Why Don’t You Believe Me / Jenny Lee (Pam 112)

    Biography :

    Skip Jackson - whose real name was Tommy Brown learned to play piano as a young boy on a discarded instrument in a coal bin where his father worked as the building manager. He become so good that he was a guest performer on a popular New York City TV Show called “The Gary Moore Show,” billed as The Kid From Boys Town. Skip started singing in New Jersey in the doo-wop era with his group the Shantons.  The Shantons were all neighborhood friends with Johnny and Dotty Martucci (owner of Jay-Mar label) from Jersey City, New Jersey.  They began singing together in the basement of their homes and eventually it led to their singing at parties and local dances.

    The original Shantons were Thomas Brown (Skipper), Michael Wells, George Flowers and William (Billy) McCoy. They cut a few discs for John Martucci’s Jay-Mar & one single for Pam Records. Over the years the group  had several substitute singers for one reason or another.  Guys such as Walter (Mittsy) Mays, Christopher Cole, Sonny Prince and a young man called, Smoothie (Bobby Crawford).  They all performed well together and the Shantons appeared on many stages with well known popular superstars.
    Thanks to  Michael Wells & http://www.sirshambling.com/

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Shantons

    Triangle love / Lover’s March

                  Lucille                                   To Be In Love With You

    Skip & The Shantons

           The Christmas Song                  Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

    Skip Brown & The Shantons

    Why Don’t You Believe Me                           Jenny Lee          


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