The Lucky Charms (Honolulu, Hawaii)

    Personnel :

    Ira Johnson(Lead)

    Leroy Richardson(Tenor)

    George Richardson(Tenor)

    Harold Wells(Baritone)

    Edwin Cyrus(Bass)

    Discography :

    1957 - You're The Girl For Me / Born To Be Lonely (Starfire 107) (1981)
    1957 - Potential So And So / Who Do You Love (Starfire 111) (1981)



    Lp :
    1957 - Dedicated To You (Starfire 1001) (1981)
    Potential So And So / Hey Little School Girl / Born To Be Lonely / Why Do You Love /  You Send Me / You're The Girl For Me / God Bless You / Potential So And So (acapella) / You're The Girl For Me (acapella) / Othela / Born To Be Lonely (acapella)


    Biography :

    This group formed in 1957 while stationed with the US Army in Hawaii. They recorded with producer Bob Bertram (of 'Susie Darlin’' by Robin Luke fame) for his Hawaii-based International label in the late 1950s. Unfortunately, The Lucky Charms recordings were never released. Shame Bertram pushed Robin and left the Lucky Charms on the shelf.

    Master tapes of the sessions were sold and subsequently released on a Starfire LP in 1981. Ira Johnson - lead, Larry Richardson - 1st Tenor, George Richardson - 2d Tenor, Harold Wells - Baritone & Edwin Cyrus - Bass; These five GI's from Schofield Barracks hit some fine notes. The Lucky Charms opened for Elvis Presley in Honolulu who loved the Lead singer Ira Johnson.

    Songs :

    You're The Girl For Me / Born To Be Lonely             God Bless You

    Hey little School Girl             Potential So And So           Who Do You Love

    Othela                                   You Send Me


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