Robert & Johnny (Bronx, New York)

    Personnel :

    Robert Carr

    Johnny Mitchell

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1956 - I Believe In You / Train To Paradise (Old Town 1021)
    1956 - You're Mine / Million Dollar Bills (Old Town 1029)
    1957 - Don't Do It / Baby Come Home (Old Town 1038)
    1957 - Broken Hearted Man / Indian Marriage (Old Town 1043)
    1957 - We Belong Together / In The Rain (Old Town 1047)
    1958 - Marry Me / I Know (Old Town 1052)
    1958 - Marry Me / I Believe In You (2nd version) (Old Town 1052)
    1958 - Eternity With You / I'm Truly, Truly Yours (Old Town 1058)
    1958 - Truly In Love / Give Me The Key To Your Heart (Old Town 1065)
    1959 - Dream Girl / Oh My Love (Old Town 1068)
    1959 - Wear This Ring / Bad Dan (Old Town 1072)
    1960 - Hear My Heartbeat / Try Me Pretty Baby (Old Town 1078)
    1960 - We Belong Together / In The Rain (Old Town 1086)
    1960 - I Got You / Baby Girl Of Mine (Old Town 1091)
    1960 - Please Me Please / You're Mine (Old Town 1100)
    1961 - I Got You / Togetherness (Old Town 1108)
    1962 - Wear This Ring / Broken Hearted Man (Old Town 1117)
    1963 - A Perfect Wife / Pretty Brown Eyes (Sue 792)
    1963 - Hear My Heartbeat / Try Me Pretty Baby (Barry 1015)

    N/A - Your Kisses (Old Town)
    N/A - Gosh Oh Gee (Old Town)
    N/A - God Knows (Old Town)
    N/A - Jungle Party (Old Town)
    N/A - I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance (Old Town)

    Biography :

    This R&B duo came from the Bronx, New York, USA. Robert Carr and Johnny Mitchell grew up in the same neighbourhood and attended high school together, in a centre of doo-wop culture.


    Thus, upon their signing to Old Town Records in 1956, their duets captured the sound of the then popular doo-wop groups. ‘I Believe in You’, featured the duo’s trademark approach of sighing and pausing, where one vocalist took the lead and then the two came together on the choruses.

    This song established their name in New York City, but no further west than the Hudson River. ‘We Belong Together’, did however, establish the duo as rock ‘n’ roll immortals, reaching number 12 R&B and number 32 pop in 1958. Robert and Johnny, alas, were fated to be one-hit-wonders and ended their recording career in 1962.


    ‘We Belong Together’ fared far better, being revived on the charts in 1966 by Dee Brown and Lola Grant and in 1968 by the Webs.



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    Songs :

    I Believe In You                     Dream Girl                              You're Mine

    We Belong Together               Marry Me                            Train To Paradise

    Wear This Ring                        Baby Baby                           I'm Truly Truly Yours

    Eternity With You                  Million Dollar Bills                 Tell Me Pretty Baby



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