• The Chimes (1) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Flairs (1)


    Personnel :

    Cornell Gunter (Lead)

    Thomas 'Pete' Fox (Tenor)

    Obediah 'Obie' Jessie (Baritone)

    Randy Jones (Bass)

    Charles Jackson (for recordings only)


    Discography :

    1954 - Love Me, Love Me, Love Me / My Heart's Crying For You (Flair 1051)

    Biography :

    The Flairs decided Richard was spreading himself too thin. Not long after Beverly Thompson left, Richard quit too. (A blurb in a September 1954 issue of one of the trades said that Berry, "formerly of the Flairs," was now with the Dreamers.) His place in the Flairs was taken by bass Randy Jones. Therefore, the Flairs were now Cornell Gunter, Charles Jackson (for recordings only), Pete Fox, Obie Jessie, and Randy Jones.  In September 1954, Flair released "Love Me, Love Me, Love Me" (led by Cornell) and "My Heart's Crying For You" (the whole group). This time the artist was listed as the "Chimes."

    Songs :

    Love Me, Love Me, Love Me             My Heart's Crying For You


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