The Fabulous Playboys (Detroit)
      aka  The Ramblers (2) aka The Falcons (5) 

    Personnel :

    Carlis "Sonny" Monroe (Lead)

    James "Ooh Wee" Gibson (First Tenor)

    Johnny Alvin (Second Tenor/ Baritone)

    Alton "Bart" Hollowel (Bass)

    Discography :

    1959 - I Fooled You / Sweet Pea And The Broncbuster (Contour 004)
    1961 - Nervous / Forget The Past (Daco 1001/Apollo 758)
    1961 - Honkey Tonk Woman / Tears, Tears, Tears (Apollo 760)

    Biography :

    The Frenesis is a group named after the popular Latin tune "Frenesi". The members were Carlis "Sonny" Monroe, (lead), James "Ooh Wee" Gibson (first tenor), Johnny Alvin (second tenor and baritone), and Frank Holt (bass). By 1956, the group had changed its name to the Playboys (later the Fabulous Playboys) and their manager is Robert West.

                                                                                                     The Ramblers (2)

    Federal a&r man Ralph Bass was scouting for talent in the Detroit area and picked the Fabulous Playboys from fifty local acts that he auditioned. Since there were other Playboys groups at the time (one on Rainbow and another on Tetra), Federal asked them to use a different name and James Gibson suggested the "Ramblers" (after the car). "The Heaven And Earth"/"Don't You Know" were released in December 1956. Probably during the summer of 1957, Frank Holt was replaced by second tenor/baritone Alton "Bart" Hollowell, who had been in the Enchanters on Coral. They later became The Falcons (5)

    Songs :

    Nervous                                         I Fooled You

    Honkey Tonk Woman                         Forget The Past


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