• Top : Richard Rollins, Richard Hargrove and Reginald Jenkins - Bottom : Skip Harrison, Baboo and Donald Swain

    The Delyrians (Cincinnati, Ohio)

    Personnel :

    Richard Hargrove (Lead)

    Richard Rollins (Bass)

    Reginald Jenkins (Baritone)

Skip Harrison (First Tenor)

    Donald Swain (Second Tenor)

    Baboo (Guitar)

    Discography :

    Unreleased :
    1958 - I Believe / I Love You So (Lin)

    Biography :

    The Five Fellows used to gather on the corner alter school to harmonize a ballad and belt out a rockin' tune or two just for the fun of it. It all started in early 1958, when Richard Hargrove, Donald Swain, Darryl Graham, Reginald Jenkins and Richard Rawlins were overheard by Hargrove's mother. She thought the boys might have some exceptional talent and decided to take them under her wing.

    (L to R) Reginald Jenkins, Richard Rollins, Darrell Graham, Donald Swain and Richard Hargrove

    Mrs Hargrove coached the kids, rehearsed with them and helped the 15-year-olds work out the flaws in their delivery. The Boys make some television appearances and they signed a recording contract with Lin Records owned by Ken charles. The boys adjourned to one of those song-filed studios and came up with the tag. Several names were considered during the caucas but, after the delegation of five was polled, they decided on the "Delyrians." "The Delyrians" claim a distinction few. Finally The group recorded "I Believe" and "I Love You So." Although the disc was never released, the group continues to sing over two years with some personnel change.



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