• The Gaylarks (Berkeley, CA)


    Personnel :

    Ben Richards (Lead)

    James Moore Jr

    Bobby Davis

    Billy Vance

    Carl Lovejoy


    Discography :

    The Gaylarks
    1955 - Tell me Darling / Whole lot of love (The Rovers) (Music City 792)
    1955 - Romantic Memories / Lil Dream Girl (Music City 793)
    1956 - My Greatest sin / Teenage Mambo  (Music City 805)
    1957 - Mr Rock-n-roll / Church On The Hill (Music City 809)
    1957 - Somewhere in this World / Just one more chance (L.Luther) (Music City 812)
    1958 - Ivy League clothes / The Doodle-Doo  (Music City 819)

    John Heartsman & The Gaylarks
    1957 - Johnny's House Party (Part I & II) (Music City 807)



    Biography :

    Richards, Moore. Davis, and Vance started singing in their San Francisco high school. Carl Lovejoy, from nearby Oakland, states that he brought the group to Music City's facilities. It is stated elsewhere that Music City owner Ray Dobard brought the group to his label.


    "Ivy League Clothes."although credited to the Gaylarks, was by another Bay area group — the Five Lyrics. The Gaylarks' first recording, "Tell Me Darling," was actually the flip side of the Rovers' "Whole Lot of Love" (1955). The Gaylarks had a loyal following in the Bay area, but when they went on tour, they failed to receive the same kind of reception.



    Songs :

    Tell me Darling                 Ivy League Clothes           Somewhere in this World

    My Greatest Sin                       Mr Rock-n-roll

    The Doodle-Doo                  Romantic Memories

    Church On The Hill              Teenage Mambo               Lil Dream Girl




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