• The Rhythm Masters
    Top : Willie Graham - Middle : Ira Foley & Randolph Bryant - Bottom : Donald Woods

    Donald Wood & The Vel-Aires (Los Angeles)
    aka The Bel-Aires (3)
    aka The Rhythm Masters


    Personnel :

    Donald Woods (Lead)

    Randolph Bryant (Tenor)

    Willie Graham (Second Tenor)

    Ira Foley (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Bel-Aires (3)
    1955 - This Paradise / Let's Party Awhile (Flip 303)
    1955 - White Port And Lemon Juice / This Is Goodbye (Flip 304)

    Donald Woods & The Vel-Aires
    1955 - Death Of An Angel / Man From Utopia (Flip 306)
    1955 - Stay With Me Always / My Very Own (Flip 309)
    1956 - Heaven In My Arms / Mighty Joe (Flip 312)

    The Rhythm Masters
    1956 -  Baby We Two / Patricia (Flip 314)


    Biography :

    Donald "Buster" Woods originally recorded with The Medallions, from Los Angeles, California. The Medallion's group leader was Vernon Green, but when Woods split from Green he took three of the Medallions with him to form The Bel-Aires, who were known as the Vel-Aires when they weren't backing Woods. In 1954, Flip Records, a small, Hollywood based label, that specialized in Doo-Wop, recorded two Singles by The Bel-Aires, "This is Paradise," backed with "Let's Party Awhile," (Flip #303) and "White Port & Lemon Juice," backed with "This Is Goodbye," (Flip #304).

    The Bel-Aires (3)  aka The Vel-Aires aka The Rhythm Masters    The Bel-Aires (3)  aka The Vel-Aires aka The Rhythm Masters
                                                                                                                            Darryl Perault (Jivers & Rhythm Masters)

    In June, Flip issued the group's third record, but by then their name had been changed to the "Vel-Aires." It's probable that this was due to the existence of another West Coast Bel-Aires, this one a black and white duo that had covered Marvin & Johnny's "Tick Tock" on Crown in 1954.  Flip Records recorded two other Singles by Donald Wood & The Vel-Aires. In 1955, Donald Woods had left to try a solo career. Willie, Randolph, and Ira got a replacement tenor: Darryl Perault (who would go on to sing with the Jivers) and, on December 10, 1955, they recorded "Baby We Two" and "Patricia" for Flip as the "Rhythm Masters".

    Songs :

    The Bel-Aires (3)

    This Paradise                                Let's Party Awhile

    White Port And Lemon Juice                        This Is Goodbye         


    Donald Woods & The Vel-Aires

    Heaven In My Arms                         Stay With Me Always

    Death Of An Angel                            Man From Utopia

    Mighty Joe                                    My Very Own


    The Rhythm Masters

    Baby We Two                                       Patricia


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