• The Teenos (Memphis, Tenn.)
    aka The Five Tinos ?

    Personnel :

    Luchrie Jordan

    Haywood Hebron

    Marvin Walker

    Melvin Walker

    Melvin Jones

    Discography :

    The Five Tinos

    1955 - Don't Do That  / Sitting By The Window (Sun 222)
    1955 - Gonna Have Let You Be
    1955 - Mambo Baby
    1955 - Memories
    1955 - My Only Angel
    1955 - Go Ahead
    1955 - Rockin' Chair

    The Teenos
    1958 - Love Only One / Alrightee (Dub 2839)

    Biography :

    A Memphis group, the Five Tinos comprised local college students. There were Luchrie Jordan, Haywood Hebron, Marvin Walker, Melvin Walker, and Melvin Jones. They probably went to Booker T. Washington High School in south Memphis. The Five Tinos have a session at Sun Studio 706 Union Ave Memphis Tennessee the May 26, 1955.

                                                                           Melvin and Marvin Walker (3rd and 4th from left)

    The Tinos recorded a total of eight tracks . "Don't Do That" and "Sitting By My Window" which are coupled for release as Sun 222 released June 21. The two Walker brothers had a younger brother, William, who later joined another Memphis group, The Four kings aka the Four canes . Some reckon that they're the same group as The Teenos & The Esquires on Hi-Po.

    The composers credit on the Teenos single "Love Only One" is Tinos for  like "Sitting By The Window" & "Don't Do That" of the Five Tinos. The Other song is credited to M.Walker (Melvin or Marvin Walker?)… Ok For the Teenos?

    Songs :

    The Five Tinos

    Don't Do That  / Sitting By The Window          Gonna Have Let You Be

    Mambo Baby

    The Teenos

    Love Only One                            Alrightee


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