• The Dupries aka Candy & The Corals
    The Dupries - Joanie Duprey, Dick Schulz & Carol Duprey

    The Dupries (St. Paul, Minnesota)
    aka Candy & The Corals


    Personnel :

    Dick Schulz (Lead Vocal / Bass Guitar)

    Annie Duprey (Vocal)

    Joanie Duprey (Vocal)

    Carol Duprey (Vocal)

    Dave Pilz (Drums)

    Dave Parpovich (Lead Guitar)


    Discography :

    The Dupries
    1965 - Kissy Face / Baby Doll (Test 100 / Thunderbird 106)

    Candy & The Corals
    1967 - I Should Have Loved You More / I Know (Test 110)

    Biography :

    The Dupries, Annie, Joanie & Carol Duprey were from St. Paul, Minnesota as was their band: Dick Schulz (bass and vocal), Dave Pilz (drums) and Dave Parpovich (lead guitar). Dupries was an altered form of the sisters’ last name. In 1965 , they singing in many shows in the Wisconsin area and local Dj and producer Dick Hoff aka Dick Hiliday co-wrote the song "Baby Doll" for the group."Kissy Face" and "Baby Doll " were recorded in May, 1965 for St. Paul label Test Records. Just month after that small-label release they were picked up and re-released on Thunderbird.

    The Dupries aka Candy & The Corals    The Dupries aka Candy & The Corals
    The Dupries                                                                              Candy & The Corals       

    Thunderbird Records was formed in the early 1960s by Len and Ben Weisman. Like its allied label Sahara Records it was named after a Las Vegas gambling casino frequented by an affiliate who later became a partner. Len Weisman is better known locally as Buffalo’s biggest player in the record business, Lenny Silver. "Baby Doll" became a hit locally on WDUZ Green Bay, Wisconsin. After this the girls and band went back to Test Records and got a release as Candy & The Corals and again failing to hit, theydisappeared from our world of records and radio.


    Songs :

    The Dupries

    Kissy Face                                     Baby Doll

    Candy & The Corals

     I Should Have Loved You More / I Know


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