• The Salvadors

    The Salvadors (St. Louis.)


    Personnel :

    Gus Winfield  (Lead)

    Flint Lloyd (First Tenor/Lead)

    Donald Lloyd (Second Tenor)

    Robert Vincent (Baritone/Bass)


    Discography :

    1961 - Daddy Said / A-E-I-O-U (Nike 1010)
    1967 - Stick By Me, Baby / I Wanna Dance (Wise World 301)


    Biography :

    The Salvadors were a Black group from St. Louis.  They started singing while in high school in 1957.  They wrote their own songs.  From 1957-59, they had 5 members: Gus Winfield, Robert Vincent, Leroy McGhee, Carl Stark and another Carl.  In 1960, Donald Lloyd joined, replacing Carl Stark.  The other Carl dropped out, making them a foursome.  In 1961, his little brother, Flint Lloyd joined, replacing McGhee. 

    E. Rodney Jones

    In the Nike and Wise World groups, Gus Winfield was the lead, Flint Lloyd was 1st Tenor/Alternate Lead, Donald Lloyd 2nd Tenor, and Robert Vincent sang both the Baritone and Bass parts.  Winfield led on""A-E-I-O-U".  Flint Lloyd led on the 3 other songs on their 2 releases. They were discovered in 1961, by E. Rodney Jones while he was DJ in St. Louis.  He became their manager, and took them to Chuck Colbert in Chicago. who signed them.  In late 1961, Colbert recorded them at RCA's Chicago studio, and released a record on the group on his new label, Thor Records.


     It featured a male version of Luther Dixon's "Mama Said", with of one of The Salvadors' own songs on the flip, titled "A-E-I-O-U".  After some local Chicago sales, somehow the owners of another Thor Records, located in New York, found out about it and threatened a lawsuit.  So Colbert re-issued it in spring 1962 on his newly-named Nike Records. They appeared in some venues in Chicago during the early '61 and early '62.  Despite the almost 5 years between record releases, the group did make some local appearances between, but only in St. Louis.  They broke up in late 1962, but , and again once before 1965. 

    Donald Lloyd, Gus Winfield, Flint Lloyd & Robert Vincent

    From '65-67, the gigged in St. Louis, until late 1967, when E. Rodney Jones again took them to Chicago, and hooked them up with Joshie Armstead.  She recorded them at Universal Sound.  They appeared at a few venues in Chicago, but their record didn't sell at all, and got almost no airplay.  It sold moderately in St. Louis, due to their local appearances and consequent popularity.  They continued to play venues there until late 1969, when they broke up for the last time.


    Songs :

    Daddy Said                                 A-E-I-O-U

    Stick By Me, Baby                              I Wanna Dance

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