• The Kittens (3)
    Sheila Ferguson

    The Kittens (3) (Germantown, Philadelphia)

    Personnel :


    Sheila Ferguson

    Jeanie Scott

    Yvonne Brown

    Discography :

    The Kittens (3)
    1963 - Count Every Star / I’m Worried    (Chestnut 203)
    1963 - I Need Your Love Tonight / Johnny’s Place (Don-El 205)
    1964 - Walter / Light Bulb (Don-El 122)
    1964 - Give Me A Shove / Hot Water (Don-El 123)

    Johnny Alton bb The Kittens (3)
    1963 - Please Love Me / Glad That You’re Mine (Chestnut 204)

    Biography :

    The Kittens included Barbara [last name not remembered], Sheila Ferguson, Jeanie Scott, Yvonne Brown and a fifth member. Sheila Ferguson would go on to sing with the Three Degrees and then star as a soloist. Jeanie Scott was the older sister of future Three Degrees’ Helen Scott. They were all in high school, Germantown High, except Barbara. The Kittens’ first release was “Count Every Star” backed with the Wally Osborne composition “I’m Worried,” released on March 1963 on the Don-El subsidiary label, Chestnut.

    The Kittens (3)  The Kittens (3)
                                                                                                                 The Three Degrees (Sheila Ferguson on top)

    Don El was owned by real estate man Donald White. It was on the same block as V- Tone/Len records in Philly. He had three labels that I know of, Don El, Chestnut and Alpha. Chestnut was primarily used for country music which Don liked as well as r&b.  Don-El released three other singles by the Kittens. The girls never did any clubs because they were too young. They went on tour a couple times. The Kittens broke up in 1964 when Richard Barrett auditioned and signed Sheila Ferguson to record solo [Landa label] for him. She would then join the Three Degrees.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Kittens (3)

          Count Every Star                     I Need Your Love Tonight

    Johnny’s Place                           Give Me A Shove

    Walter / Lite Bulb                                  Hot Water      

    I'm Worried

    Johnny Alton bb The Kittens (3)

    Glad That You’re Mine / Please Love Me








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