Malcolm Dodds & The Tunedrops (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Malcolm Dodds (Lead)

    Prentiss Polk (First Tenor)

    Bill Glover (Baritone)

    Danny Simmons (Bass)


    Discography :

    Malcolm Dodds & The Tunedrops
    1957 - It Took A Long Time / Beauty And The Beast (End 1000/Roulette 90)
    1957 - Fools Rush In / Can't See You  (End 1004)
    1958 - Tonight / Unspoken Love    (End 1010/Reo 8211)
    1958 - Your Voice / The Swingin' Platoon  (Decca 30653)

    The Tunedrops
    1957 -  Rosie Lee / Speak For Yourself (Gone 5003)

    Tony Mitchell "Tony Passalaqua" bb Malcolm Dodds & The Tunedrops
    1963 - Candle in the Wind / Million Drums (bb The Angels) (C A R 157)


    Biography :

    Malcolm Doods was born in Brooklyn, and studied classical music at NYU. He was still living in Brooklyn in the early 50s and was busy working as a musical/vocal instructor and as always was involved with choral groups in Schools, YMCAs and churches, using his real name, Malcolm Williams.

    The Normanaires

    It was during this period that he was approached by arranger Fred Norman, to sing in a group. Thus the Normanaires were formed, comprised of Malcolm, Dorice Brown, Bill Glover and Sam Dillworth. The group stayed together for two years, working locally, before breaking up.

    1957 - The Tunedrops & Friend (Nixon Theather, Philiadelphia)

     After one single with the Four Clicks, "You Lied"/"Higher Than High" in 1954, Malcolm , with Prentiss Polk, Bill Glover and Danny Simmons are featured on this first side for George Goldner's End label as Malcolm Dodds & the Tunedrops In 1957. They would have three total released on End, one on Decca and one on Gone.


    Malcolm Dodds and the Tunedrops backed up Tony Passalaqua on "Candle In The Wind", when Tony recorded as Tony Mitchell on the Canadian American label at the request of Steve Lawrence's brother Bernie, head of a&r there.     The  group had faded into obscurityand were sustaining themselves by doing studio work Without any success, the group disgusted broke up soon and Malcolm Dodds continue recording as a solo artist.

    Neil Sedaka "The King Of Clowns" background singers The Malcolm Dodds Singers

    Malcolm Dodds become a composer, arranger and choir director of The Malcolm Dodds Singers; a backup group for many popular artists.


    Songs :   
     (Updated by  Hans-Joachim)

    Malcolm Dodds & The Tunedrops

    Can't See You                      Your Voice                       Tonight

    It Took A Long Time                Fools Rush In                   Unspoken Love

    The Swingin' Platoon        Beauty & The Beast       Rosie Lee / Speak For Yourself

    The Tunedrops

    Rosie Lee / Speak For Yourself


    Tony Mitchell bb Malcolm Dodds & The Tunedrops

    Candle in the Wind









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